Associate Software Engineer

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IZEA - Winter Park, FL
IZEA was built to connect the world’s top brands with influential content creators and publishers to enable influencer marketing and content production at-scale. With over 500,000 Creators reaching over 3 billion fans and followers around the globe, IZEA is unmatched in its industry experience, network diversity, and technology ecosystem. A career at IZEA offers countless ways to make an impact in a fast-growing organization!

Job description:
Working with our Customer Experience team, you will be asked to develop software that will help IZEA increase the quality and value of its core software platform. You will use the latest tools and technology to build and support IZEA's industry-leading Unity Workflow software. Whether contributing to a set of JSON API powered services written in Ruby on Rails and NodeJS, or extending the user experience on top of EmberJS and Sass, you will help define what the future of Influencer and Content Marketing looks like.

You will write and test your code, and work with our QA team to get it deployed to production. With the help of a homegrown, bot-driven CI/CD pipeline, your code will be delivered to users daily. This cross-functional team leverages Amazon Web Services for everything from ECS for containerized virtualization and hosting, to S3 for durable object storage, RDS and DynamoDb for persistence, and Cloudfront for secure and scalable distribution of your work.

The team strives to be ego-free and motivated only by building amazing software for our users. We seek to understand the "why" behind the "what". We regularly break out into small teams to tackle problems, learn new technologies, or just share what we know with others. We test our code and invest in the health of our systems. We push each other, learn from each other, and strive to continually grow.

We’re looking for Undergraduate Juniors & Seniors and Graduate-level students who live in Central Florida. Best fits are those majoring in or have experience in the following areas: Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Development.

Primary responsibilities:
You will...
What we’re looking for:
Demonstrated experience with the following will be highly valued:

Why would you want to work here?

We are IZEA: The Creator Marketplace. Our cloud-based technologies connect Brands and Publishers with content Creators who blog, tweet, pin, and post on their behalf.

Our driving belief is that the only way to thrive in our rapidly changing world is to change ahead of it. IZEA is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention. While we have been around for many years, we operate like an entrepreneurial, scrappy start-up. Your time here will be exciting, educational, and at times, a bit crazy. Our interns are not used for coffee runs. Instead, we focus on developing skills that will further assist you in your career goals.

With IZEA, you have the opportunity to join a non-traditional corporate culture, where creativity and productivity are valued over a suit and tie. As an intern, you will be welcome to join in with all IZEA events, team building activities, and sport teams. We treat our interns as employees-in-training. We look to interns first when filling full-time position openings. As such, we expect interns to be hardworking, dedicated, and perhaps a touch quirky.