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HCL America Inc - Austin, TX

Greetings from HCL America!!!

Work Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Long Term Contract

Job Description:

At Meraki, we're making IT easier, faster, and smarter. Our full stack teams build and maintain our web application, which manages millions of network devices from our cloud. Our customers use the Meraki dashboard to monitor and configure critical IT infrastructure that serves tens of millions of people every single day.

As a Meraki Full Stack Engineer on a product team, you will collaborate with firmware engineers to design, plan, and build new features for our customers. With the help of product managers and UX designers, you will construct intuitive and powerful workflows to solve important problems for IT professionals around the world.

Meraki's product Dashboard teams are small, fast-moving teams striving to make our products unique in balancing their feature-rich abilities and their simplicity. You'll be developing the tools by which our customers configure and monitor network devices all over the world. Our full stack engineers are well versed in a wide array of CS concepts and excited to jump around languages, platforms, and all levels of the Meraki stack!

Example projects of a Full Stack Web Developer:

- Drawing a dynamic network topology showing VPN tunnels between Meraki devices and the tunnel health.
- Collaborating with our UX team to design and implement an intuitive UI for a new security feature, focusing on real use cases.
- Building an API and a UI that reports a device's LTE signal strength over time allowing customers and ISPs to debug connectivity issues.
- Implementing a UI showing device performance metrics that will help customers decide when it's time to upgrade their devices.
- Fetching a list of routes a device has learned through a network routing protocol and displaying them in a dynamic table.
- Designing React components that can be reused by many other full stack teams at Meraki.
- Building and restructuring backend architecture to scale to ever larger customers.

You are an ideal candidate if you:

- Experience building rich web UIs with React (and Redux) or similar frameworks.
- Know your way around web back-end technologies, like Ruby on Rails.
- Can implement good database design in a relational database (we use Postgres).
- Would thrive on a small engineering team and are excited to solve open-ended problems across the stack.

Bonus points for any of the following:

An understanding of networking, which will help you understand the problems we work on and develop the best tools for our customers.

Job Type: Contract


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