Principal Software Engineering Manager, Voice

8d - Indeed
Outreach - Seattle, WA
The Role

Making and receiving voice calls are a key component of the Outreach product offering. Every month, Outreach customers complete more than 4 million calls with their prospects on our voice platform. The Voice Team is hiring software engineers to increase its momentum in this space. If you have experience building high availability voice communication systems with open source real-time communication software and commercial communications platform APIs, we’d love to talk to you about this opportunity.

If you want to spend all day designing CRUD UIs and APIs, this might not be the team for you. Telecom web development is a little different from other web development: The features we build are inherently heavy on state, complex in workflow, and include extensive third-party integrations. While a lot of telecommunications problems are “solved” in the realm of PBX software, our customers need more.

You’ll be building tools to ensure calling is simple, reliable, and crystal clear; reducing the time our customers waste clicking around or performing repetitive actions so they can focus on what matters most - interacting with their prospects. To do this you’ll have to get a little creative, build on top of a lot of existing technology, and stay focused on Outreach’s core value proposition of revenue efficiency.

About the Team

On the Voice Team we:
Own features end-to-end, from the customer need all the way to the back-end implementation- Are highly collaborative and distribute technical leadership throughout the team- Do Agile development, with Kanban and regular retrospectives- Function in a highly progressive, quick-iteration environment focused on delivering consistent, incremental customer value- Have something new to demo every week!

The team’s mission is to continually reduce the time spent by customer-facing representatives on data access and modification across different systems. We provide customers with meaningful and relevant data aggregated at their fingertips, to increase the time they can invest in adding value for their customers.

We’re currently shoring up the core functionality of our telecom product, including better SMS support, call center functionality, improving monitoring, and improving ease-of-use. In the long term we want to give customers the same edge with calling and messaging that they have with email: The ability to optimize and constantly improve how they interact with customers. We will also face new challenges as we continue to scale out to ten times the volume of calling we have today and beyond. Together, these efforts present a diverse gamut of work that will help enhance Outreach’s competitive edge by making our customers more effective.

To support data management and movement in the application, the team does work to enable our users to reliably and efficiently integrate, and consume and modify data sets from internal and external data sources. The core challenges in the space revolve around data translation between disparate data-sources, seamless data import and export capabilities, and providing performant and responsive workflows to update and sync data between different sources.

Your Daily Adventures Will Include

  • Working with commercial CPaaS APIs and open-source real-time communication software to manage calls, messages, and security
  • Finding ways to engineer high availability into a system that has lots of moving parts, not all of which are directly under your control
  • Working with stakeholders to make sure our customers have the tools they need to be successful on our platform
  • Finding quick ways to prototype and test possible solutions to large problems
  • Looking up and down the stack for the best return on investment for any given pain point
  • Working on one of the most visible parts of Outreach’s product - to both our customers and the rest of our organization
  • Quickly start contributing

Basic Qualifications

  • Experience building on top of existing VoIP systems / solutions
  • Tech-stack overlap: We use Ruby on Rails on the back-end, and write front-end code with Javascript and React.JS. We use Mocha and RSpec for testing, and Circle CI for continuous integration
  • Familiarity with existing CPaaS providers and their APIs, including knowledge of open source VOIP systems
  • Experience with building high availability, distributed systems with a system-oriented architecture
  • Familiar with continuous-deployment projects
  • Experienced with cloud-based service applications
  • Enjoy building and consuming REST APIs
  • Previous experience with VoIP, specifically using WebRTC and SIP to facilitate real-time communication between users and with phone numbers across the globe
  • Experience with single-page application development in Javascript, particularly with React.JS
  • Willing to go above and beyond to help other team members
  • Ability to prioritize details along a path of iterative delivery