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About GMO GlobalSign K.K.

GMO GlobalSign is a security company with offices worldwide. GlobalSign uses its managed PKI experience and technology to build high-volume, high-scale identity management solutions for the billions of devices, people and things comprising the Internet of Everything. However, should you join us, you will be joining our IDaaS team in the Shibuya office in Tokyo. Despite being part of a large company, our team is like a start-up and is independent from others. This allows us to have a great level of flexibility and adapt on demand.

We have a very honest and open working culture that rewards great work, and values open communication and constructive criticism. We make big technical decisions as a team, and we are excited to investigate and use new technologies. If you want to grow as a developer joining our development team is a great way to do so.

About our project

TrustLogin ( is an IDaaS service developed by GMO GlobalSign. It goes beyond just being a password manager – we target enterprises and we help them securely manage their employee IDs in a world of constantly growing in-cloud app usage.

TrustLogin provides the following applications: web application, IE extension, FireFox extension, Chrome extension, Android application and iOS application. We also support SCIM and ActiveDirectory integration. Our apps perform functions such as SSO, user/group management, credential management, authentication/access control, subscription management etc...

We have a lot of freedom regarding the technologies we use, as long as they are robust and well supported. We often refactor to make our application as performant and as maintainable as possible. Developers are expected to contribute to our project in a technical capacity; however, we are also open to new ideas and suggestions regarding the actual functionality of the service.

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