Software Engineer - DevOps at Hopjump (Cambridge, MA)

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Hopjump -

The Operations Engineering Team's mission is to deliver software solutions that preserve and grow Hopjump's profits by either driving revenue growth or cutting operational costs. All members of this team take ownership and provide leadership across all of Hopjump's infrastructure (both software and hardware) including all email and data processing systems. An ideal candidate will be able to align infrastructure engineering activities with business objectives to ensure consistent and predictable operational success.

Things You'll Like About Hopjump:

A successful engineer on the Infrastructure Team at Hopjump will:

What we're looking for:

Well qualified candidates will embody our leadership principles:

  1. Accountability: what happens within your project and team is your responsibility

  2. Traveler-focused: grow the business providing our travelers with the best options and experience

  3. Aggressiveness and focus: ensure that all work is devoted to the mission of growing Hopjump as fast as possible

  4. Work hard: lead by example, and exhibit discipline required to make great things happen

  5. Output; consistently deliver results

  6. Communicate: be in-touch frequently and clearly with all relevant parties

  7. Initiative: recognize and meet needs within your team quickly, proactively help other teams during crisis (deliverability collapse, weekend ops issues)

  8. High standards for yourself and your team; accept nothing less

  9. Don't over-engineer: build what you need with the future in mind, and iterate rapidly

  10. Know the data: be open to new ideas, and go deep to prove assertions and understand outcomes

  11. Conviction: chase aggressive goals, challenge decisions candidly, and commit to the team's values and decisions, once determined

  12. Bias for Action: speed matters, make decisions quickly that are reversible, take calculated risks