Senior Geospatial Cyber Technical Expert

21d - Indeed
Edwards Management Consultants, Inc. - Springfield, VA

Analyze traveling companion discovery algorithms for weaknesses and improvements. Develop whitepapers of formal co-traveler algorithms and principles. Develop methods to refine existing algorithms.

Desired skills and experience: Ability to perform in depth analysis of algorithms for traveling companion discovery, motion GEOINT, or ground trajectory analysis to identify ways to improve performance. Experience in one of the above areas is essential. Experience with surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques can be substituted for GEOINT algorithm experience.

LCAT Description: Computer scientist experienced in software development of complex applications including web services and mobile apps. Specific experience in the following is beneficial: developing mobile apps in Objective-C, Java (with the Android SDK); familiarity with Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, OpenSource Tools (PostgreSQL, PostGIS/MySQL, GeoServer, MapServer); experience developing location based services; experience developing mobile web apps using HTML4/5, JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch. Experience in developing the backend infrastructure architecture including implementation; experience in software engineering and programming and/or database technology such as JAVA, C/C++, PHP, KML or Oracle; familiarity with Windows and/or Linux and/or Unix computer operating system configuration; familiarity with hardware operations and architecture, especially related to mobile devices.

Skill Requirement: A Senior person is expected to oversee the efforts of less senior staff and/or be responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job. Required: 9 years of experience and a MA/MS degree. In place of the degree, may substitute 19 years of relevant work experience.

Job Type: Full-time